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Hayrunisa Pelge

Researcher, University of Birmingham

Dr. Hayrunisa Pelge has worked with disabled people / people with disabilities in various roles and organisations for twenty years now; spanning from special needs schools to family work to roles in universities and charities.

Hayrunisa’s academic background is in psychology and research methods. Her Ph.D. focused on the inner lives of people on the ‘autism’ spectrum within the family context(s).

She was recently working with Prof. Catherine Needham on the ‘Transitions that Matter’ project that is within the Centre’s ‘Care Trajectories and Constraints’ research group.

Research interests

  • The lived experiences of disabled people / people with disabilities and their families – including the element of care
  • Participatory research methodologies, research designs and methods
  • Stories and autobiographical writings as educational tools 
  • Reflexive learning
  • Phenomenology


Pelge, H. (2020). The Phenomenological Attitude, ‘Autistic’ Persons’ Inner Lives and Spirituality. The University of Birmingham’s E-theses repository:

Pelge, H., Stolberg, T. and Guldberg K. (2019). Exercising a phenomenological attitude as a way of attempting to be ethical when researching the lived experience(s) of the ‘other’, The University of Birmingham, Centre for the Study of Global Ethics: Bodies and Embodiment Conference. Birmingham, England, 30th May – 31st May 2019.