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Podcast- Elevating home care: a new provider challenges perceptions

Text: CARE MATTERS Podcast, Elevating home care: a new provider challenges perceptions, hosted by Duncan Fisher with special guest Suliyat O'Balogun

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About this episode

Centre for Care Researcher Duncan Fisher hosts Suliyat O’Balogun in this episode, which looks at established perceptions of home care provision, and how these perceptions inspired Suliyat to start her own home care business with a different model- with focus on values-based recruitment, retention through valuing staff and more.

About our guest

Suliyat O'Balogun profile picture
Suliyat O’Balogun

Suliyat O’Balogun qualified as a Social Worker in 2014. Between then and 2019, she worked in a Hospital Discharge Team based at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital. 

In 2019, Suliyat moved to a Local Authority based in the South East of England, where she worked with adults over 18 years old, with physical, learning disabilities/difficulties and mental health issues. During this period, she managed a social work team, where she was responsible for overseeing the team’s operational needs, practice quality, KPIs and managing financial budgets. Suliyat was also involved in the recruitment process, including interviewing possible candidates, organising induction plans and subsequently, reviewing performance of team members regularly. 

In 2023, Suliyat opened up a domiciliary care agency called This is Homecare.

About our host

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Dr Duncan Fisher

In the Centre for Care, Duncan works with Dr Liam Foster in the Care Workforce Change research group. They are currently researching care workers’ organising activities, including their role in trade unions, campaign groups and community organising. This piece introduces the study.

The CARE MATTERS Podcast is produced by Dan Williamson at the Centre for Care.

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