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Carers Week 2022

young caregiver with elderly man in park

The Centre for Care welcomes Carers UK’s new report ‘Make Caring Visible, Valued and Supported’ (click here to read the report), launched to mark national Carers’ Week 2022 (6-13 June) and its focus on the many pressures facing carers in increasingly difficult times.

Our research also shows that many carers face challenging difficulties that adversely affect their health, time and finances.

The Centre for Care pledges to make every effort to raise awareness of the importance of care and caring through its research, and to renew its efforts to identify solutions that will make life better for carers.

CARE MATTERS: The right to be me

As part of our CARE MATTERS Podcast series, Sustainable Care colleague, Maria Cheshire-Allen (Researcher, at Swansea University) was joined by Irene Mortimer, (Swansea Carers Centre) and Jude Dale, (Dementia Friendly Swansea) to discuss how the concept of wellbeing as an enduring ideal defining what it means to live a ‘good life’ interacts with how care in older age is understood and experienced.  Together, they reflect on whether, and how the concept translates into everyday experience or the ‘right to be me’ for family carers of older people living with dementia. Press play below to listen to the episode and click here to catch up on all episodes in the series.