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Everyday Bordering in the UK: Translating the voices of migrant family members into a resource for practitioners.

Everyday Bordering in the UK: Translating the voices of migrant family members into a resource for practitioners Dr Maria Teresa Ferazzoli (IMPACT Project Officer, University of Sheffield) Dr Julie Walsh(Lecturer in Sociology and New Investigator Research Fellow, University of Sheffield) Tuesday 10th January12:30- 14:00 GMT

As part of our Centre for Care Seminar Series, we welcomed Dr Maria Teresa Ferazzoli and Dr Julie Walsh to present ‘Everyday Bordering in the UK: Translating the voices of migrant family members into a resource for practitioners’.

Date: 10th January 2023

Seminar recording now available, press play below:

About the seminar

This seminar will discuss the process of translating our findings from the Everyday Bordering in the UK project into online resources for practitioners working with migrant communities. The study was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) New Investigator Programme. Fieldwork for the study began in April 2020 and, over a period of 18 months, we worked with practitioners from a range of backgrounds and migrant families with diverse migratory experiences to understand the impact of the UK’s ‘hostile environment’ towards immigration on their experiences, with a focus on social care. The study was collaborative in nature and underpinned by the values of co-production and, as such, we worked with collaborating organisations in two cities in the North of England – Sheffield and Hull – to identify issues and solutions relevant to professional practice and migrant families’ lives.

The seminar will focus on the process of developing one of the project’s output, ‘Working with Migrant Families: a resource for practitioners’. Initially, we will provide an overview of the Everyday Bordering in the UK project, including the study’s rationale, methodological approach and findings. We will then outline how we worked in collaboration with external partners to embed the voices of migrant family members in this resource.

About the presenters

Dr Julie Walsh

Julie is a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sheffield and she is the Principal investigator of the ‘Everyday Bordering in the UK’ project. Julie has a long history of working in the third and public sector, in youth and community work, family support and patient and public engagement. Her research interests have developed out of this history and focus on the experiences of migrant families, the impact of immigration legislation on their everyday lives in the UK, and the role of place in this. She is also committed to methodologies that support marginalised groups to identify issues that have meaning to them and related solutions.

Dr Maria Teresa Ferozzoli

Maria Teresa has been a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield since 2018 and she is now working as a project officer at IMPACT (Improving Adult Care Together). Before starting her academic career, she worked for more than 10 years as a practitioner in mental health care services in Italy, and as a Project Coordinator for a local branch of the mental health charity, Mind.

Maria Teresa’s research interests include the provision of mental health support in different countries, unequal access to social care, and the use of creative methods in social research with underrepresented groups.

Centre for Care Seminar Series

In this seminar series we invite colleagues, partners and experts, whose work aligns with the mission of our Centre, to share their work with us and our audiences, to deepen our understanding of the critical issues in social care in the UK and around the world.

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