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Seminar: ‘The value and practice of relational care with older people’

Seminar Series 'The value and practice of relational care with older people' Professor Mary Larkin Jenny Kartupelis MBE Dr Manik Gopinath (The Open University) Tuesday 23rd January 202412:30- 14:00 GMT

This event, featuring Professor Mary Larkin, Jenny Kartupelis MBE and Dr Manik Gopinath from the Open University, took place on Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

About the seminar

Relational care is an under-researched yet developing approach to supporting older people that is gaining traction as part of a wider movement towards new attitudes to, and a revisioning of, adult social care. This presentation will outline a seminal study which aimed to extend existing knowledge about relational care, enabling recognition of its presence and what supports its practice with older people. In identifying the key features of relational care to assist its adoption, implementation and assessment, the findings can be seen as a critical part of a vision for the future development of care practice.

About the presenters

Jenny Kartupelis MBE

Jenny Kartupelis MBE is the Open University consultant on Relational Care: a concept she has studied and developed in the context of residential and community care for older people.  The Open University has made this the subject of a research project, resulting in a report – ‘The Value and Practice of Relational Care’ – and a practitioners’ toolkit. Jenny’s career has covered creating an award-winning public relations consultancy and establishing a regional interfaith council of which she was the director for ten years.  She has published numerous articles in the national and specialist press, and two books:

Developing a Relational Model of Care for Older People, Woodward, J and Kartupelis, J, 2018, Jessica Kingsley

Making Relational Care Work for Older People, Kartupelis, J, 2021, Routledge

Dr Manik Gopinath

Dr Manik Gopinath is a Lecturer in Ageing and Co-Chair for Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) research group at the Open University. Her particular focus and expertise concerns  environments of ageing. She is  especially interested in critically exploring: the role of place(s) in shaping wellbeing in later life; home, personal and family life at older ages; and the challenges related to engaging meaningfully and in equal partnership with diverse communities in addressing contemporary ageing related concerns

Professor Mary Larkin

Professor Mary Larkin – Professor of Care, Carers and Caring at the Open University (OU) – has extensive experience of many aspects of care-related research and knowledge exchange. She founded and chairs the Open University’s Carer Research group and is committed to maximising the potential of care-related evidence to inform practice, policy, services and interventions. To this end she has set up international research networks and  co-founded the International Journal of Care and Caring, In addition to publishing widely, her expertise leads to her membership of national and international bodies, committees, and commissions.

Centre for Care Seminar Series

In this seminar series we invite colleagues, partners and experts, whose work aligns with the mission of our Centre, to share their work with us and our audiences, to deepen our understanding of the critical issues in social care in the UK and around the world.

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