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Podcast: Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care, parts two and three

Text: CARE MATTERS PODCAST. 'Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care Parts Two and Three Hosted by Laura Griffith with special guests Ali Upton (Scottish Social Services Council) Paul Rooney (Northern Ireland Social Care Council) Andrew Bell (WeCare Wales, Social Care Wales) Jon Kerr (Head of Workforce Capacity, Skills for Care)

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Part two

Part three

About this episode

Laura Griffith (Deputy Head of National Embedding, IMPACT) is joined by special guests;

  • Paul Rooney- Professional Adviser, Northern Ireland Social Care Council
  • Alison Upton- Learning and Development Manager at Scottish Social Services Council
  • Andrew Bell- Programme Manager, WeCare Wales, Social Care Wales
  • Jon Kerr- Head of Workforce Capacity, Skills for Care

What is Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care? Why is it important?

The final parts of this episode continue to focus on the topic of ‘values-based recruitment’ in adult social care. In the context of adult social care, values-based recruitment is a relatively new term. It’s been used in retail and the health sector for some time, and essentially means working with people who align with the organisation’s or employer’s values, rather than focusing purely on skills, qualification or prior experience. At the centre of values-based recruitment is the idea that while skills can be learned, values cannot be easily taught but are essential to providing good care and support.

This episode has been produced by Dan Williamson at the Centre for Care in collaboration with IMPACT, the UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care.

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