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Podcast- Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care, part one

Text: CARE MATTERS PODCAST, 'Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care Part one

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About this episode

What is Values-based recruitment in Adult Social Care? Why is it important? Could it help to reduce the number of vacancies in the sector?

In part one of this episode Dr Kate Hamblin speaks with care sector employers about how they recruit, focusing on how values-based recruitment can lead to better retention and positive, person-centred care.

We are pleased to welcome special guests Anne Pridmore (CEO, Being the Boss and member of the Centre for Care Advisory Board), Dave Beesley (Talent Director, Cohesion Recruitment) and Jo Parsons (Co-production Manager, Drive) to discuss their experiences of recruiting employees in social care settings.

This episode has been produced by Dan Williamson at the Centre for Care in collaboration with IMPACT, the UK centre for implementing evidence in adult social care.

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